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   2/26th Battalion
   6th Ranger Battalion
   31st Infantry Regiment
   59th Coast Artillery Regiment
   200th/515th Coast Artillery
   200th/515th Coast Artillery
   A Brief History of the U. S. Army in WWII
   Alamo Scouts
   American Battlefield Monuments
   A Survivor's Memoir: James H. Cowan
   American Ex-POWs
   American Guerillas
   American Merchant Marine POWs
   American Nurses in the Philippines
   American POWs of Japan
   American War Orphans
   Arisan Maru Roster
   Australia-Japan Research Project
   Australian War Memorial
   Australia's War
   Baguio Civilain Interment Camp
   Bataan Corregidor Memorial Foundation
   Bataan Diary
   Bataan Missing
   Bataan Son
   Bataan Survivor
   Bataan Was Hell Columns
   Battle for Bataan
   Battle of Bataan
   Battling Bastards of Bataan
   Bay Area Civilian Ex-POWs
  Bilibid Transfer Rosters 

   The Borneo POW Story

   British POW Records
   Burma Thailand Railway
   China Marines
   Civilian Internees
   Clark Airfield
   Coast Artillery
   Commonwealth War Graves Commission
   Death March Markers
   Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office

   Descendants Group:The American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor

   The Changi POW Artwork of Des Bettany (British)
   Dutch East Indies
  East Indian Camp Archives (Dutch)
   Edward Lee Hartley  (POW)
   Elizabeth van Kempen  (Child POW)
   Fall of the Philippines, Bataan & Corregidor
    Fall Of the Philippines (Animated)
   Fall of the Philippines  
   Frank Larkin - (Australian POW)
   Force Z (British Naval Group)
   Fukuoka Camp #17
   Gene Slovers US Navy Pages
   Ghost of Bataan
   Hell Ships
   Hong Kong War Veterans
   Imperial Japanese Navy Page - Information on Hell Ships
   Japanese POW Camps
   Japanese POW Homepage
   J.B. Dunne (Australian POW)
   Junyo Maru
   Malayan Volunteers Group
   MIA Recoveries (Air Crews - Burma, China & India)
   Military Records (United States)
   Montevideo Maru
   MoviePhilippines.Blogspot  (C Co., 194th Clip)
   Mukden POWS
   NARA - Philippine Army and Guerilla Records
   National Guard Memorial Museum
   The National League of POW/MIA Families
   New Mexico National Guard Museum  (200th & 515th Coast Artllery)
   New Zealand History
   New Zealand in the Second World War
   Oryoku Maru Online
   Palawan Massacre
   Palawan Massacre (Description)
   Papua New Guinea - Rabaul and World War II
   Paul W. Wittmer - The United States Submarine Veterans of WWII
   Philippine Islands
   Philippine Scouts Heritage Society

   POW Research Network
   Prisoner of War
   The Quan
   Roll of Honour (British POW Site)
   Santo Tomas Interment Camp
   Shinyo Maru Roster
   Subic Bay, Philippine Islands
   Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society
   Thailand Burma Railway Centre
   U.S. Army Rangers
   U.S.-Japan Dialogue on POWs
  U.S.S. Canopus
  U.S.S. Houston
   U.S. Naval Station Sangley Point
   Wagner High School Online Alumni (Clark Airfield Photos)
    Warsailors (Norwegian POWs under the Japanese)
   West Point Listserv


Provisional Tank Group Links


   Brainerd Bataan March - Brainerd, Minnesota  - facebook page
   Bellwood Public Library (1940s Star Centennial & Star Progress)
   Crow Wing County Historical Society
   Harrodsburg Historical Society
   Illinois State Military Museum
   Illinois Secretary of State (1940s Maywood Heralds) 
   Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral Histories - University of Kentucky
   Maywood Bataan Day Organization
   Minnesota Military Museum
   Monterey County Historical Society
   Franklin County Cemeteries - Ohio
   Rock County Historical Society
   Biotechnology Center - University of Wisconsin (MIAs)
   Wisconsin Magazine of History
   Wisconsin National Guard Museum  (Facebook Page)
   Wisconsin Veterans Museum


American Military Units 

Pacific War


    1st Cavalry Division  (H Company Only)
    1st Marine Division
    2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery
    3rd Marine Division
    4th Marine Division
    5th Air Force
    5th Marine Division
    6th Infantry Division
    6th Marine Division
    10th Air Force
    11th Airborne Division 
    19th Quartermaster Truck Company
    20th Air Force
    23rd Infantry Division (Americal Division)
    24th Infantry Division
    25th Infantry Division  
    27th Infantry Division
    32nd Infantry Division  
    33rd Infantry Division   
    37th Infantry Division   
    41st Infantry Division  
    43rd Infantry Division (Facebook Page)  
    71st Tactical Reconnaissance Group
    75th Ordnance Battalion
    77th Infantry Division
    81st Infantry Division  
    93rd Infantry Division   
    96th Infantry Division  
    98th Infantry Division
    305th Infantry Regiment
    454th Transportation Company
    454th Ordnance Company (AVN)
    544th Engineer Boat & Shore Regiment
    548th Night Fighter Squadron
    563rd Engineer Boat Maintenance Battalion
    592nd Engineers Amphibian Regiment
    680th Ordnance Company (AVN)
    803rd Engineer Battalion
    Alamo Scouts - 6th Army
    Dolittle Tokyo Raiders
    The Flying Tigers
    Marine Air Group 2
    Marine Air Group 4
    Marine Air Group 11
    Marine Air Group 12
    Marine Air Group 13
    Marine Air Group 14
    Marine Air Group 21
    Marine Air Group 22
    Marine Air Group 23
    Marine Air Group 25
    Marine Air Group 31
    Marine Air Group 33
    Marine Air Group 45
    Marine Air Group 51
    Marine Air Group 61
    Navy Log (Search for Naval Dead)
    On Eternal Patrol (Lost U.S. Navy Submarines)
    PT Boats
    PT Boats
    PT Boats of World War II
    The Pacific War: U.S. Navy
    U.S. Merchant Ships Sunk or Damaged in World War II
    U.S.S. Arizona
    U.S.S. Atlanta
    U.S.S. Bismarck Sea
    U.S.S. Bowfin
    U.S.S. Enterprise
    U.S.S. Franklin
    U.S.S. Hornet
    U.S.S. Indianapolis
    U.S.S. Juneau
    U.S.S. Lexington
    U.S.S. Missouri
    U.S.S. Oklahoma
    U.S.S. Pennsylvania
    U.S.S. Princeton
    U.S.S. Saratoga
    U.S.S. San Francisco
    U.S.S. Shangri-La
    U.S.S. Wasp
    U.S.S. West Virginia
    U.S.S. Yorktown 



 POW Oral Histories

    Missouri Ex-POW Oral History Project


World War II Sites

   12th Armored Division
   94th Infantry Division
   753rd Tank Battalion
   A War to Be Won
   Atlanta WWII Round Table
   America in WWII (On-line Version of Magazine)
   The American War Library
   Army Historical Foundation
   Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War
   Children of the Camps (Japanese-American Interment Camps)
   Critical Past: Historical Video Footage
   Dad's War
   D-Day, Normandy and Beyond
   Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project
   eHistory  (Ohio State University)
   Florida State University WWII Website
   Harry S. Truman Library (The Decision to Drop the Bomb)
   Home of Heores (Silver Star Recipients)
   Hudson High School WWII Living History Project
   Imperial Japanese Army Page
   The Indian Army in WWII
   Japanese Aircraft of WWII
   Joseph Berry Keenan Digital Collection (Japanese War Crimes Trials)
   Kamikaze Images
   Kilroy was Here
   Korean Comfort Women
   Marines on Wake Island
   Missing Air Crew Project
   The Myths About Pearl Harbor
   The Nanking Massacre Project
   National Cemeteries Grave Locator
   National Veteran's Historical Archive
   National World War II Memorial
   Naval Historical Society of Australia
   Naval History and Heritage (United States)
   New Zealand Military Historical Society
   On Eternal Patrol (U.S. Submarine Force)
   Orphan Ann (Iva Toguri)
   The Pacific: WWII Photos from 1941 to 1945
   Pacific Wrecks
   Remembering Nagasaki
   Remembering the War in New Guinea
   Shrine of Remembrance (Australian)
   United States Submarine Losses World War II
   U.S. Army Air Corps Museum
   U.S. Army Center of Military History
   U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center
   Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress
   Veterans Memorial
  Voice of Hibakusha (Hiroshima Survivors)
   Wisconsin Stories
   Witness to War
   World War II Database
  World War II Dog Tags
   World War II History Center
   World War II History Info
   Distinguished Service Medal - United States Army WWII
   Eyewitness to History



 War Photography Sites


   The History Place
   Owens Archive
  World War II in Color

War Museums

   Imperial War Museum (British)
   Museum of World War II
   National Museum of the Pacific War
   The National World War II Museum
   The Pacific Aviation Museum

National Archives

  National Archives of Australia
  National Archives of Japan
  National Archives Japanese POWs (United States)
  National Archives of Korea
  National Archives New Zealand
  National Archives of the Philippines
  National Archives of Singapore
  National Archives of Thailand
  National Archives POW Punch Cards (United States)
  National Archives WWII (British)
  National Archives WWII Enlistment (United States)


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